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Information on air conditioning maintenance is far and few between. We have put together this article to instruct the average homeowner how to prepare his or her air conditioning unit for springtime.

With all of the simple stuff to do the first thing i would do before i start the air conditioning system is change the air filter or at least check to see that it looks almost new.

After that i would go out side and hose off the outside unit and make sure to remove all of the leaves that have fallen from the trees, from around the unit and the immediate area around the unit. Do not worry about the leaves inside the unit unless they approach about 15% height from the bottom of the coil, not the bottom of the unit. Most units have a footing that makes the coil sit at least two inches above the bottom of the unit, so that means you can have several inches of leaves in your system without the performance being affected.

When your air conditioning system is started up for the first time and is running for at least five minutes check to see if it is blowing adequate cold air. If so then your done, but if not then the most important step is to call a licensed and insured air conditioning company and have them look at it asap before any further damage occurs.

Thanks for reading with us here and remember change your one inch thick filters once a month.

For any air conditioning or heating needs you may have around your home or office please call

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